About us

Mission Statement

  • ATS will always be a service company committed to planning and executing the client’s most important plans, with a primary focus on supply chain management, logistics support, facility management support, and data management.
  • One of the best third-party logistics providers in the industry.
  • Committed to operating at the highest levels of service and quality.
  • Striving to exceed clients’ expectations and deliver with 100% satisfaction.

Vision Statement

ATS is a service contractor to national, international, commercial, and government clients that delivers its products and services using quality processes consistent with the highest industry standards. ATS is a highly sought-after, award-winning place of employment that always supports the personal wellness and professional development of its employees.

What ATS fosters:

  • A collaborative environment with teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect
  • High-level professionalism with the most trusted,well-prepared teams of engineers
  • A hire-from-within culture with opportunities for employees to develop and advance
  • A high-quality culture that relies on direct, effective communication
  • A dedicated, ‘no-excuses’, work ethic that always delivers what it promises
  • A culture that believes honesty is still the best policy
  • A culture that believes any organization is only as good as its people

What ATS is known for:

  • People – we put the best people on the job and give them the best resources to utilize
  • Clean and safe work environments – mean clients always have safety, and comfort
  • Planning – consistently high-quality 3rd party logistics consultancy and planning service
  • Execution – Providing management to execute on its planning service with great follow-through, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction